Welcome to Golden Shield Qi Gong

We believe in challenging ourselves
    around what is truly possible in regards to our health.

The way we challenge ourselves is not by pushing beyond our limits,
but by playfully cultivating, building and refining our Qi (life force energy).

A few times a week we practice. In our practice we set clear intentions about our health and what we want to achieve. We then support and solidify those intentions though meditations, forms and movements.

We meet for class each week.


Golden Shield is a potent internal energy system that fully integrates the body, mind and energy through the careful application of physical practice, meditation and herbs. By building and cleansing all of the systems of the body we rapidly develop beyond normal human limits and in doing so rediscover our natural ability to maintain incredibly high levels of physical and mental health.

Develop “Super Health”
Clear and Calm the Mind
Increase Bone Mass
Get More Balanced, Grounded & Centered
Develop the Human Energy Body Extremely Quickly
Evolve Beyond “Normal Human Limits”
Learn Energy Management
Detoxify Chemical & Emotional Imbalances
Remove Stagnations within the Meridian System

If you'd like more information please read through the rest of this site and/or call me at 512-537-3365 or email me at: timchrisco@gmail.com.

For those who do not live in Austin and wish to start this practice… Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong is currently taught in 17 different cities throughout the US and Canada. Click here to see the list of cities along with the contact information for the instructor in that city.

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